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Vetafarm Natural Psittabed Parrot Bedding 1.3Kg-PARROTBOX PET SUPPLIES

Vetafarm Natural Psittabed Parrot Bedding 1.3Kg


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Formulated parrot bedding which eliminates odour and irritants by trapping Ammonia and other toxins.

Psittabed is a natural product made from pine bark. The bark has been pasteurised and milled to create a bedding material suitable for nest boxes and brooders.

To improve performance, psitta bed is fortified with natural minerals to aid in the trapping of Ammonia and toxins.
The water trapping ability of psitta bed also helps regulate the relative humidity within the nest.

Nesting material used in parrot nests can have a significant effect on the viability of eggs. Humidity levels within the nest may affect the normal weight loss of the incubating egg (normally 15 – 18%).
If eggs lose too much weight the embryos may become “sticky” and have difficulty hatching. Poor water loss may create a bloated chick that has poor viability.

The nesting material may also have an effect on the temperature control within the nest. Always supply a good depth of nesting material to act as a heat sink for the eggs and chicks.

The Ammonia levels within the nest may become too high when faeces from the babies accumulates, absorption of the Ammonia makes the nest conditions more pleasant and may reduce the incidence of respiratory disease.

Whether naturally breeding birds, incubating eggs or raising chicks in a brooder, humidity is of absolute importance.

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